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Since 1994 Tele-Name has been a pioneer in the communications industry based on shared-use toll-free phone names. We have helped thousands of businesses and professionals benefit from marketing their services through memorable vanity numbers. Many of our current clients attribute their high profile and sales to our services. We welcome your questions and look forward to using our success to build your success.
For more information, call 1 800-Tel-Name. Or email us at info@telename.com

David Ashley - Toll Free Vanity Numbers

David Ashley

Founder / CEO

1-800-892-0000, Ext. 3

In 1992, David Ashley noticed a trend in advertising - that national companies were utilizing vanity 800 numbers rather than using numeric numbers. He created Tele-Name Communications to bring the same powerful advantage of memorable tele-name-numbers to small and mid- size companies for their use in their local marketing.

For the past 18+ years, Tele-Name Communications has been helping local businesses dominate their markets through the shared-use of the best tele-name- numbers in the country.

Joe Lenburg - Vanity Phone Numbers

Joe Lenberg

Senior Vice President

1-800-780-0000, Ext. 4

Joe has been a member of the Tele-Name team since 1994. He manages the Tele-Name office in Yakima, WA. and handles every aspect of customer relations.

Joe can be contacted directly between the hours of 8:00 AM-5:00 PM PST:

Casey Pitney

Casey Pitney

Account Representative

1-800-780-0000, Ext. 4

Casey has recently joined the Tele-Name team in 2010. His office is located in the Yakima WA office and is instrumental in client development.

Casey can be contacted directly between the hours of 8:00 AM-5:00 PM PST:

Paula Layman

Paula Layman

Administrative Account Manager
1-800-780-0000, Ext. 2

Paula has recently joined Tele-Name Communications in April 2011. She will handle all aspects of client management and customer relations as well as new client development.

Paula can be reached directly between the hours of 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST.

Member of the Manatee Chamber of Commerce

Joanna M. Ginder, Office Manager
Sarasota, Florida
Jessica Ashley, Administrative Assistant
Sarasota, Florida
Christine Curtis, Business Development Associate
Harrisonburg, VA
Board of Directors
David K Ashley, Chairman
Joanna M. Ginder, Director
Jessica A. Ashley, Director
Randie Burrell, Director
Donald MacKay, Director
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